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Hilton Head Island SC Homes: Guide for Vacationers and Buyers

At the southernmost edge of South Carolina along the waters of the Atlantic Ocean lies Hilton Head Island, a unique residential and resort area frequented by millions every year for its 12 miles of white sand beach, world famous golf courses, environmentally-conscious neighborhoods, excellent areas for dining, shopping and a host of outdoor activities.

If you are one of the millions drawn to Hilton Head Island in search of the ultimate vacation, whether you are a first time or returning visitor, renting any of the beautiful Hilton Head Island SC Homes available is one sure way to enjoy your stay.

If you are moving to Hilton Head Island for good, finding the perfect home for your family will not be a problem. The local real estate market boasts of a wide selection of Hilton Head Island SC Homes to suit individual needs.

You will find numerous Hilton Head Island SC Homes for rent or for sale all over the Island and in the 11 plantations, which are gated neighborhoods. There are “economy” and luxury Hilton Head Island SC Homes you can rent offering guests a wide price range. Homes for sale can cost from a few thousand dollars to well over $5 million for large upscale houses, especially in the most exclusive areas in Hilton Head such as in Wexford Plantation.

Homes provide a variety of views such as oceanfront, harbor side, wooded or golf course views. You can also choose a location near shops, restaurants or a marina. Most vacation homes are fully furnished and equipped with necessary home appliances and many have on-site pools, spas, tennis courts and barbeque areas.

Similarly, when you are buying a Hilton Head home you will have so many options to choose from and your own preferences and specific needs should guide you. Some basic things to consider would be the size of your home. Most Hilton Head Island SC Homes have three up to eight bedrooms. There are much larger homes, too.

You will find many Hilton Head Island SC Homes with hardwood floors, high ceilings, spacious decks, and designer kitchens with stainless steel appliances, carpets, whirlpool tubs, and all other amenities. Think about what specific features you would want in your home. In addition, if you have not chosen a specific neighborhood, learn about the different plantations and other Hilton Head areas and what each offer.

You can schedule to meet with a realtor and request more information to answer your specific questions. Working with an experienced Hilton Head Island real estate specialist will help you locate your Hilton Head home as efficiently as possible.


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